Friday, November 20, 2009

What is the main difference between myisam and innodb

Both myisam and innodb are storange enginein sql.
innodb support transaction, foreign key while myisam not
support transaction.
Other differences are :

1. innodb requires more RAM than mysiam
2. myisam relies on OS for caching while innodb caches with
in the engine itself.

3. Most preffered is innodb because

- Transaction safe
-It has commit, rollback, and crash recovery capabailities
- Innodb is designed for maximum performance when processing
large volumes of data.

InnoDB: Row level locking, Transaction support, forgin key
constrant and crash recovery.

MyISAM: Much more conservate approach to disk space
management each MyISAM table store in a separate file. in
MyISAM memory and space usage, full text indexing support,
table based locking, bulk insert capabilities and speed are
plus factor but crushes recovery would be the horror story.

As general approach, if you have a more reads use MyISAM and
if you have a more update use InnoDB.

InnoDb table take More Disk space Comparing with MyISAM
InnoDB is Transactions safe means Data Integrity is
maintained Throughout entire qry process.
InnoDB also provides Row-locking as opposed to table
locking while 1 qry is busy with updating or inserting
arow,another qry can update a different row at the same
time.these features increases the multi user concurrency
and Performance
Another greate feature is InnoDB boasts is the ability to
use Foreign key constraints

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